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Watsaku is a Moderator of the Bro Team Pill Forums. 


PillSworn Broadcast Plays Games Chivalry Edition

PillSworn Broadcast Plays Games Chivalry Edition


Watsaku joined the forums on November 15th 2012 and has since been an active member of the community. Watsaku's rise to power began right before the first "Wretching of Sanders" when Sanders flooded the Council of Bastards with threads labeled "COMPLETE GLOBAL SATURATION". Watsaku seeing this immediatley used a tablet to eradicate all the threads and pushed them back by bringing forth the older threads. Proceeding this incident lead to the first wretching of Sanders, and the rise of Watsaku. Watsaku had earned the trust of JackofHats . With this he began climbing the ladder in the forums becoming the first Pillsworn, and of course the first Brethern Overlord. With this new title Watsaku sought out to climb higher. With a level head and a insurmountable sense of justice Watsaku ran for pope. Sadly this title was lost to Sexbad . But this did not stop Watsaku, as he came back even stronger and rose to the highest of heights and became a Moderator.