What is Terro?Edit

Terro is a strange, innane being from beyond the edges of the universe.  He came to this dimension by way of Taxi Cab  but failed to properly tip the driver, who, unbeknownst to Terro was secretly a magical wizard named FUCKING STOP DOING THAT. FUCKING STOP DOING THAT cursed Terro to make shitty anime about card games and get fellated until the end of time.

In 1985 he fucked a slut and some faggot named Dirk was born. Nobody really cares about Dirk either way.

Kingdom of FaggotsEdit

2 years later he united north-eastern canada under the banner of the Faggot and became the righteous and mildly abusive King of Faggots. During the year of the Skell(1999) a mysterious, unnamed sage with a golden voice warned Terro of an ancient evil that would destroy his kingdom in 5 years lest he gather a bunch of Maguffin Bull-shit. Terro, King of Faggots not realizing the sage was trying to explain why Fable 3 is shit decided to set off in search of these magical items. 

The Great Coup De'tat of 2005Edit

When Terro returned to his kingdom expecting it to be reduced to ashes, he saw it was intact and thriving under the rule of that mysterious sage. Terro attempted to strike down the toothy sage but was mortally wounded and thrown into the river. For years he wandered the earth until he found the Bro Team Forum in the fall of 2012 just after the end of The Foreskin Wars. 

Terro quickly became hated and ridiculed by the forums for his atypical looks and gay anime fetishism.

The Rise of Anime and Terro's Crusade Edit

In January of 2013, Terro struck a deal with the straight-faced wizard 2K. In their deal Terro offered up his soul and in exchange 2K would "Uguu" the Forums into a "Moe". 

Terro meanwhile made an attempt to retake his Kingdom from that silver-toungued wise man. The details of this conflict have been lost to history but since Terro came back mid-march with the sole purpose of making snide remarks every now and again it can be safely assumed he failed.

Cool shit to know

  • He invented Yu-Ghi-Oh up
  • He would an anime
  • He's a connoisseur and expert at boring MMOs