The eighth episode, right on time.




BRO TEAM! Shut up dad.


Sniper Ghost Warrior. Knock knock, who's there? It's me, THE WIND.


Alright, let's do this shit! Let's get this party started!

*Snipin' song by Bro*

Completely undetected, like a true fucking phantom. Achievement unlocked sniping exPERT! 

So like any good sniper you swing around on your fuckin' rope. You steal laptops from the jungle, check out this secret. Fuckin' swiggins.

You're so fuckin' stealth this guy can't even tell what the FUCK- Merry Christmas you Lysol motherfucker! He doesn't even know I murdered his best freind.

If you want, you can just look at shit through your binoculars while someone else plays the game for you. Some of the bosses in this game have pretty stiff cocks. You need about thirteen prostates to beat this guy. Ghosts get the fuck out of here.

Later you travel to India and assassinate the members of Parliament.

This game is FULL of intense shit. Draw, you fuckin' eggplants.

This game does the Call of Duty breech slow down thing, but it's way more intense because there's zero fuckin' stakes here. No hostages or fuckin' anything, you just fuckin' shoot these guys before they can react. If this shit makes your vulva too hard you can always go back to keepin' a low profile.

We gotta breakthrough through the area, you fuckin' got that through? These guys are hidin' the fuckin documents. McGuffin this!

And the graphics? Fuck you they're amazing. You haven't seen liquid like this since your girlfriend PISSED IN YOUR FACE. HEY, this is my job.


Please don't hurt me!


I won't *gunshot* hurt "not you".

Finally a game that gives you a chance to play as the four fuckin' guys.

Time to take on the final Boris. You've been snipin' the whole game, think you can snipe once more?

*Snipin' song by Bro*

Yup GG fuck you.


Sniper proves that you don't need tits, dicks, and guns to make a sweet game. I give this game a Tau Epsilon.

BRO TEAM! I masturbated twice while making this video.

Supplemental KnowledgesEdit

  • Masturbation will not make your dick bigger
  • Neither will pumps
  • Or pills
  • You're stuck with your tiny dick, make it do better tricks instead