Basic SynopsisEdit

Some newfag who's desperate for attention. Metronome-senpai noticed him once during a battle orifice, but that footage was never released (Melissa's such a cunt). Speaking of cunts, he managed to get a surprising amount of lines on the 5th episode of Battle Orifice. Like, that's really surprising. What the fuck, don't give the little shit what he wants, he'll just come back begging for more. Wait, that's right. His computer's a literal piece of shit and can't connect to the mumble server so he won't be in any more videos. Good.


  • Lives in the boonies. i.e. South Dakota.
  • Getting real tired of his friends' shit ever since all of his cool senpais left him for college.
  • At least he has a girlfriend, WAIT THAT'S RIGHT THEY'RE BREAKING UP FOR COLLEGE AT THE END OF MAY. *Goes into spiral of depression*
  • Okay, I'm better. I'm fine.
  • Also known as Fargo294.
  • Literally obsessed with Fire Emblem. Don't get in the way between him and support conversations. He'll 1% crit the fuck out of you.
  • He's practically an anime, but he's not desu enough to achieve perfect form.
  • Wait, I was supposed to put misinformation FUCK MY ASS.