He's the guy with the monotone voice.


He is not the guy who reads gentlemanly literature.

His microphone is shit.

He "makes" "video games".

Unlike Inex, he's Asian.

Also unlike Inex, he dislikes dating or doing Asian woms.


  • No one cares
  • Except for Xavbull, for he always cares.
  • Left BroTeam with claims of The Bro selling out and because FIGHTS is popular and stuff that the Team is now cancerous because youtube fame and growth of community. Hipsterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    • In response to this 'hipster" claim. he posted this link
  • Vandalized the Wikia as he 'left' the forums because Xavbull is getting popular and thats a bad thing.
  • He's quite happy to see Xav is doing an okay job, may he one day be a real man
  • Takes the forums too seriously when more people join and if they are not elitest they are 'faggots'.
  • Despite 'quitting' he lurks the wiki and forums for drama.
  • Rejoined the forums and is now a Sanderian.
  • who.