Who is the Sanders ?

It is a complex and difficult task to understand 

and describe the Sanders.

Sanders is a man, a machine, Sanders is both the life and death. He is what defines us and what unties us. But Sanders is also the breaking point, the excess which we ambrace, the tumor we cannot cut off and we name.

Sanders is an important part of the Bro Team Forums and most of us couldn't imagine anything worse than seeing him discarded and lost in the void.

But what does Sanders do ?

He simply is.

Everything you hope for, he represents.

Everything you abjure and hate, he is.

Sanders is many things, but behind all these masks and mirrors, he is a man, a man with a deep loyalty, a man who is eager to represent and die for a cause. Sander is one of us, he will always be, one of us


Sander is confirmed for a whole Navy Fleet, the 90th Armed Fleet of Uzbekistan to be precised

Sanders is confirmed to be the Voidmaster, not a Voidmaster, The Voidmaster.

Sanders has a history of being annoying, althought sources differ as to why he is annoying. We can never know.

Sanders is confirmed to be best friends with Keys Champion of the Black Man and Watsaku

Sanders microphone is a miracle of technology, throught it, you can hear particles of sound skullfucking one another in their eye sockets.

Sanders is confirmed for being the object of Creamy Kitty's every desire