The seventh episode of Bro Team, it contains no LoL jokes.

Transcript Edit


[pill spinning intensifies] *helicopter noises* "We are clear to go, let's get the fuck out of here."


Yo the uh, the things isn't here.


What? What the fuck


Red Faction Arm Mega Don



This game is the historic account of Darius, the king of Persia. He ran around tunnels, killing Bogs on Mars. This guy destroyed the air machine. And even though this guy can repair anything he sees with his fuckin' dink he can't just repair that you fuckin' idiot. he's gotta stop all the cuntists. which is made even harder when he gets the fuckin' gun that can kill people through walls, or uses the horsey-shoot-shoot, or gets in the vehicles that kills everyone automatically, or have a bunch of lights that show him exactly where to go. A wave of bad guys is coming, thank the fuck christ there's a turret here.

Good finally the tits sh- *moans of orgams*


You don't get off that easy.


I do. Yeah try dealing with infinite rockets when you get in the jet. Or Batman vision that shows you where everything is. Too much for you to handle?

You even get achievements for watching cutscenes and not quitting the game. Fuckin' pussy!

Hey get the fuck out of here! *gunshots* *door slams*

Your people fuckin' betray you, then you have all these complex objectives to worry about.  It said defend yourself, idiot. In the first Red Faction you got to drive the excavator. In this one, you don't have to worry about that shit, you just fire shit off the back of one. There's even a SICK part when you get to go in the sewers. Then Darius tells this girl that'll show her his ass. Then she just fuckin' dies right away. Peace bitch. Fuck it, I'm out of here. 

Multiplayer's even more sweet because you get to kill bugs in tunnels with a bunch of strangers.

Darius finally uses the lancanshire nickel to subdue the Cythians and consolidate his empire. Turns out he was a roborg the whole time. Fuck you. 


This game was sick dope, but know I think I like the book better...yeah I like to book BRO *helicopter gunfire*

Supplemental Knowledges Edit

  • The person firing the gun in the doorway is Orayn , BroTeam's annointed follower, known as the Brosen One.
  • Saying "cunt" is a great way to make friends and attract woms