He's a ghost. Teapot. Teapot Ghost.

Jack's Private Life Edit


Jack's Eternal Battle With Sanders Edit

In years long past, known as "Back when" and "The before times", Sanders sold his soul to the gods of Chaos and became their instrument of shit posting on the forums.

Thus, Jack had only one choice. To brand him 'Wretch' and exile him from the Holy Sanctity of the Jazz Lounge. 

For years they had been locked in eternal combat. Stopping only to check the forums for new threads.

However until one rather uneventful summers day...

On a small hill near the sea, amidst hot sun and cool breeze; Jack, Lord of Hats struck down Sanders with a swift blow. With his dying breath Sanders promised he would return, that his people would be free of Jack's hat-based tyranny.

For weeks Jack openly mocked Sanders last words, but deep down he knew something had happened on that fateful day; that his triumphant victory may ultimately be his devastating defeat.

But of cause there wasn't any return as was fortold in the scripture as the invisble hand known as "the bro" would disintegrate any later words such as sanders.... thus the ending was known... and it had begun.

Judas Priest - Some Heads Are Gonna Roll (1984)

Judas Priest - Some Heads Are Gonna Roll (1984)