"how do make a wikipedia?"


"I'm just show up a day in mumble, Broteam say that looks pretty cool and now I'm trap in the Broteam"

Circumsoldier first appeared in the mumble August 3rd, 2013 the year of our Ogre during the World of Warcraft FIGHTS stream. His words soon became an essential part of the BroTeamPill lore.

A man of pure vodka blood.

Is known to have friends that have gotten high off of centipedes.

He does his own Twitch streams and has his own Twitter account.

Has left forum forever. May a chorus of Ukrainian angels and drunk harmonica hymns sing him to the motherland.

Roses are Red, Edit
Violets are Blue, Edit
Circumsoldier, Edit
Wants to rape you. Edit
-Secretary-Chan (Brostream 10,2,2015) Edit

Quotes Edit

-"Shut the fuck up" & "Go fuck yourself"-Every video

-"Everybody shut their asses"

-"I literally have cancer, boss."


-"Twenty days in the ghetto. Twenty days in the bitch. Sometimes the police come for me."

Video Appearances Edit

-Fate of Continent of the Ninth Seal


  • Incapable of affection, even for Vodka, due to radiation poisoning.
  • Gets stuck in wells often as he is not familiar with the contraptions or instructions.
  • Is actually a Paramedic.
  • Hates anime girls.
  • Likes Puzzles.
  • Despite being loved ruthlessly by Broteam, he hates him and still shows up
  • The most irregular regular of the mumble.
  • Does not have access to the coveted Circumfolder, the contents are unknown to this day.
  • Will automatically sing to harmonica music, as he is biologically programed to as a Ukrainian.
  • Give him TF2 items.
  • Is allowed to say anything as long as it ends with "Shut the fuck up" or "Go fuck yourself".
  • Is still stuck in a well.
  • There was only a bear in the cave. There were no women.