Preest by meektea-d2z1rst

The faggot himself, circa 2013.

A man of odd origin and mysterius upbringings, the man known as Captain Sen-Tre is a fucking regular on le Skypel.

Captain Sen-Tre: Hero BegginingEdit

The Captain came to the forum in the spring of 2013, a wide-eyed young man trying to make his way. The problem, however, was that he didn't know how the bro's operated, which led to him looking like a dumbass.

Now a slightly jaded Skype man, the Captain can sometimes be seen in the forums, a fleeting figure in the corner of your eye, brandishing his supply of Garden Fresh Rape.


Has close ties to the wretched Sanders, in an unholy relationship that blossemed in a desolate sewer.

Will sing to you for energon.

He's pulling a long con to finally get in a forum member's pants

Is hate-buddies with Creamy.

Ask Keys if he's gay, he'll say yes.

Never personally talked to the Brote, but if he did then it prolly wouldn't have gone well.

Has the spare time to fix this fucking place

Children are cruel, Jack, and I am very much in touch with my inner-child.