"I was a baby once in the wilds"
—Airek, 2K15

Airek (aka Space Cowboy, Ted Smith, Lemon Russ, The Crow That Feasts, Kris Kringle, The King of Sexual Chocolate, The Puss Wizard, Professional Pussy Wrecker, Master Class Fuck Wizard, Big Daddy Bone Zoner, Lightning Cock, Naked Airek, Punished Airek, Venom Airek, and High Pimp-Lord of the Women) is a faggot who works for space.

Rare resident of the Broteam Forums, currently resides in Skype. Still trying to flush out the shit for Bro-Ops. Age: 96 Literally gets all the pu$$y, can actually talk to girls, a rare feat for Bro Team members. He even claims to be engaged to what may either be a snake, a stuffed animal, a chair, or a picture frame. Investigations are underway.

Affectionately referred to as Santa in Skype as he bestows gifts of games at random intervals. Finished college with a bachelors in Electrical engineering. Knows how magnets works.

Highly likely to go on to live a happy and successful life, like the lame nerd he is.